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Jedi Order opens up higher echelon positions!
Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:50 pm by Tahiri Centurica
As of today, all Jedi Order members are hereby promoted to the rank of Master and with all the perks they entail. This includes:

- A weekly pay of 500k Alz.
- Unlimited supply of Upgrade and Force Cores.
- Unlimited supply of on-demand armor and weapons.

Also, everyone will get a $1,000 pre-paid premium account for their accounts.

By order of the Jedi Council,

Council Member Master Tahiri Centurica,
Jedi Order.

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CabalSEA opens!
Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:48 pm by Tahiri Centurica
3rd March 2008

2pm - 8am weekdays, 24 hours weekends!

Gather your friends and be prepared to begin your adventure in the world of Nevareth!
What's NEW in Open Beta:
New Maps released:
• Fort Ruina
• Undead Ground
New Instant Dungeon:
• Lake in Dusk
New Single D.T Dungeons added:
• Lighthouse Maze
• Ghost Ship
New Party D.T Dungeons added:
• Zombie Infested Cottage
• Chimera Dungeon
• Troglo Lair
• Skeleton Mine
• Mummy Grave
• Parasite House
About Training Dummies:
- Everyone will be able to hit dummies from skill rank “Apprentice” onwards.
- Free users will not receive any skill experience from hitting Training Dummies
- Players will be able to practice their Combo Skills attack combination.

*There will NOT be any character wipe from Open Beta onwards.

You DO NOT need to remove the closed beta client from your computer if you have already downloaded and installed it previously. The same client will update itself to the open beta client when Open Beta begins.
For those who have not downloaded the game client yet, we recommend you to start downloading it by going to the Download Page.

We hope you can show us your continuous support as you did during Closed Beta and let’s all get back to CABAL on 3rd March 2008!

- CabalSEA Administrator

Git yer redbulls and caffeine shots! This will be an all-nighter's wet dream Razz Though I won't be on longer than 1AM... but I'm sure there are some of you who will go at it till the last minute of 7.59:59 am!

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Deletion of inactive members.
Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:42 pm by Tahiri Centurica
I have noticed that there are accounts on the boards with 0 posts still. I will give these accounts until the 22nd (launch of CBT) to post before deleting them from the member databanks.

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CBT is open... tonight, for every day!
Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:07 am by Tahiri Centurica
The CabalSEA Admins put this up on the forums this morning,

Quote :

Dear Cabalists,

Alas! CABAL Closed Beta Testing has finally departed!

Is your CABAL game client downloaded? Is your CABAL account created? No more waiting, do it now!

For those players invited for Closed Beta Testing, stay tuned for the opening hours!

Date: From 22nd February 2008 onwards (Daily)
Time: 7pm – 1am

For enquires or bug spots, get your aid from
Be part of the revolution now!

-CabalSEA Administrator

Guess we won't be doing much until OBT, as most of us have a night life too eh?

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CBT Account Registration is UP!
Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:24 am by Tahiri Centurica
Fellow Jedi,

If you have your CBT code, got to and create your Cabal account now!

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Closed Beta Testers chosen!
Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:12 pm by Tahiri Centurica
According to the official boards, players who signed up for CBT have already started to receive their invites.

Check your mail box... and cross your fingers! Good luck, Jedis!

UPDATE: It seems only Singaporeans are getting the invites, and they have to go to E2MAX in Singapore Orchard Road to get their code. It seems Malaysians will get theirs later, with different arrangements.

UPDATE 2: Official confirmation from moderators!
SourCream wrote:
"No worries for players residing outside of Singapore, further instructions will be given via email (for selected Closed Beta testers). Please be patient yeah? I'm sure the management will not expect you all to come all the way to Singapore just to collect a simple code Please do be patient and watch out for that special email ^^"

UPDATE 3: Great news for Malaysian players who signed up for CBT! Our codes will be emailed to us!
SourCream wrote:
Malaysian players do not have to worry now. After checking with the admins, it is confirmed that the invitation codes will be send to the invited closed beta users via email


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How to use mIRC?
Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:26 pm by YuriHyuga
Get the IRC cilent at :

Then, find out how to do basic things like securing your nickname at :

Press Alt+E and choose "CentralChat".
To join the channel, simply type /join #TheJediOrder and you will get in.

I'm going out now, if you have any questions post them up here.

Just needed a better chatbox >_<

For those using command-line IRC clients:

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Jedi Order formed!
Mon Feb 11, 2008 2:32 pm by Tahiri Centurica
With Council Member Seraphim Faith's leadership, the Jedi will once again rise and safeguard the peace and safety of a galaxy!

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