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 Closed Beta Testers chosen!

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Tahiri Centurica
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Jedi Council Member

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PostSubject: Closed Beta Testers chosen!   Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:12 pm

According to the official boards, players who signed up for CBT have already started to receive their invites.

Check your mail box... and cross your fingers! Good luck, Jedis!

UPDATE: It seems only Singaporeans are getting the invites, and they have to go to E2MAX in Singapore Orchard Road to get their code. It seems Malaysians will get theirs later, with different arrangements.

UPDATE 2: Official confirmation from moderators!
SourCream wrote:
"No worries for players residing outside of Singapore, further instructions will be given via email (for selected Closed Beta testers). Please be patient yeah? I'm sure the management will not expect you all to come all the way to Singapore just to collect a simple code Please do be patient and watch out for that special email ^^"

UPDATE 3: Great news for Malaysian players who signed up for CBT! Our codes will be emailed to us!
SourCream wrote:
Malaysian players do not have to worry now. After checking with the admins, it is confirmed that the invitation codes will be send to the invited closed beta users via email



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PostSubject: good luck   Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:43 pm

may the force and luck be with you too fellow jedis
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Closed Beta Testers chosen!
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