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 CBT is open... tonight, for every day!

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Tahiri Centurica
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Jedi Council Member

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PostSubject: CBT is open... tonight, for every day!   Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:07 am

The CabalSEA Admins put this up on the forums this morning,

Quote :
Dear Cabalists,

Alas! CABAL Closed Beta Testing has finally departed!

Is your CABAL game client downloaded? Is your CABAL account created? No more waiting, do it now!

For those players invited for Closed Beta Testing, stay tuned for the opening hours!

Date: From 22nd February 2008 onwards (Daily)
Time: 7pm 1am

For enquires or bug spots, get your aid from
Be part of the revolution now!

-CabalSEA Administrator

Guess we won't be doing much until OBT, as most of us have a night life too eh?

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CBT is open... tonight, for every day!
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