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 Jedi Order opens up higher echelon positions!

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Tahiri Centurica
Jedi Council Member
Jedi Council Member

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PostSubject: Jedi Order opens up higher echelon positions!   Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:50 pm

As of today, all Jedi Order members are hereby promoted to the rank of Master and with all the perks they entail. This includes:

- A weekly pay of 500k Alz.
- Unlimited supply of Upgrade and Force Cores.
- Unlimited supply of on-demand armor and weapons.

Also, everyone will get a $1,000 pre-paid premium account for their accounts.

By order of the Jedi Council,

Council Member Master Tahiri Centurica,
Jedi Order.

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Jedi Order opens up higher echelon positions!
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